Ready ….. Steady …… Sow…

Or should that be Snow! 

With the weather looking like it’s going to be against us again this year, why not give plants the extra boost they will need and mulch your plot with well rotted compost or manure.  You won’t have to drag it back from the DIY shops – Paul can deliver straight to you plot – just ask in the shop. 

Whilst you’re in there have a look at the massive variety of Kings seeds including many old favourites and many new varieties all at reduced prices!  Also stock up on bamboo canes for you runner/broad bean wigwams and also on soil enhances to give them and extra boost.   

The Shop is open Saturdays and Sundays 10am to 1pm – even in the freezing cold!  If you need something at other times there should always be some one on site who has a key, please feel free to ask.