Spring is in sight

Have you noticed the lengthening days or bulbs appearing on your plot? I have and its a sure sign spring is nearly on the way.

If you’ve been hibernating over winter, February is the perfect month to prepare for the season ahead. Making a start now will give you a head start and make sure you are well prepared for the growing season. Tasks include:

– Cleaning and oiling your garden tools

– Spring cleaning your shed or green house

– Picking up any rubbish that has blown onto your plot

– Repairing structures that may have suffered winter damage

– Covering winter brassicas with netting to protect them from birds

– Pruning rose and berry bushes

– Planting out raspberry canes

– Covering emerging rhubarb crowns to force them for an early harvest in 6-8 weeks time.

Its also a great time to be down on your plot, so why not bring a hot flask of tea, some warm clothes and soak up the last days of winter.