Harvest Lunch


All Dorset Road Allotments Plotholders are invited to join our Harvest Lunch on Sunday 13th September at 12:30 pm. If you would like to come, please contribute by bringing a dish of food to share. A list of foods/dishes are in the Clubhouse for you to put your name against. If you want to bring something different, please let us know (dorsetroadallotments@gmail.com) so that the list can be adjusted.

Has Spring sprung?

Daffodils outside the clubhouse
Daffodils outside the clubhouse

It’s still a bit chilly but the daffodils were out at the allotment yesterday and the sun was shining. The buds on my fruit trees look set to burst into flower at any moment. I think after our never ending winter maybe, perhaps, Spring is finally on it’s way.