The new season is almost here!

At long last we are forecast to have a dry few days – a perfect opportunity to play catch-up with general maintenance before the weeds start growing! Some of the jobs to be getting on with (whilst avoiding walking on wet soggy beds):

– mulch beds

– remove grass/weeds

– repair any wind-damaged structures

– clear up rubbish and take to the Churchfields Road recycling centre (we can recycle scrap metal on site)

With the increasing light levels and mild temperatures over wintering veg will start to grow – they’d really benefit from a feed.

Covering beds now with black polythene will help warm the ground up and suppress weed growth.

You can also sow broccoli, Brussels sprouts, broad beans, onion and beetroot in modules in a cold frame or unheated greenhouse ready to plant out in spring, chit first early potatoes and plant jerusalem artichokes.

If you have a heated greenhouse or sunny window sill you can plant tomato, chilli and aubergine seeds.

And if you have rhubarb plants they have probably started to send up buds – now is the perfect time to cover a plant up with a forcing pot or large pot. Excluding all light will produce longer sweeter stems that need less sugar when cooked. Find out more here: