Waiting list

Waiting list policy

We currently have 41 people waiting for a plot at Dorset Road Allotments.   This is made up of people who do not currently have an allotment plot on our site as well as existing plotholders looking for an additional plot.

We only offer people who are new to Dorset Road half or quarter plots because a full plot can be too much to those new to allotmenting.

However those who do stick with it and work their plot sometimes apply for an additional plot adjacent to or near their existing plot.  These existing plotholders sometimes sit at the top of the waiting list for many months before a plot they want becomes available.

Don’t be surprised if you get an email or phone call when you are 5th or 6th on the list.  This means there are either existing plotholders waiting at the top of the list for  neighbouring plot or we have more than one plot to rent.

We sometimes invite a couple of people on the waiting list to visit the site and view available plots at the same time, in these circumstances we have a strict policy of giving the person highest on the list first choice of plots.

We will try and contact you three times to offer you a plot.   If we do not hear from you after the third attempt we will remove you from the waiting list.  If you change your mind and no longer want a plot at Dorset Road Allotments please let us know.

Waiting list

No. Code
1 RW0120
2 KI1220
3 SGL1220
4 BH0121
5 CV0121
6 CG0121
7 SG0121
8 ZP0121
9 DC0221
10 CB0221
11 SK0321
12 KT0321
13 KW0321
14 TC0321
15 KM0321
16 CH0321
17 GT0421
18 MS0421
19 JH0521
20 MM0621
21 KR0621
22 AL0621
23 EO0721
24 SG0721
25 HH0821
26 NC0821
27 MD0821
28 AS0921
29 EA0921
30 ML0921
31 SF1021
32 YD1021
33 EW1221
34 BA0621
35 VL0222
36 YA0222
37 AW0222
38 ZL0322
39 SG0322
40 NH0322
41 SS0322
42 LW0322
43 JS0422