Wildlife Garden

In 2007 creating the wildlife garden on a half acre site at the edge of the allotment adjacent to the local school.  We were supported by an Awards for All Lottery Grant and with lots of help from volunteers.

We created a wildlife pond, planted native hedges, created hibernaculum and log piles for slow worms and wildlife, have sowed a wildflower meadow, installed a bird hide, built a pond viewing platform (and access ramp) and made accessible paths.

We’ve come a long way, but it is still a work in progress.

If you are interested in helping with the wildlife garden please contact the Committee.  We are currently thinning out plants in the pond and planting more wildflower plants to improve the biodiversity as well as keeping the brambles in check.

How the Garden was created

Digging the pond

Work on the garden started in summer 2007 when the pond area excavated.  Volunteers worked on clearing the pond ready for BCTV (now The Conservation Volunteers) who helped shape and line the pond with sand, underlay and the butyl liner. The pond was filled with water from the South Norwood Stream.

Planting the hedging

A native hedge was planted along the boundary with the school and within the garden to create more habitats.

Creating the rest of the garden


The path around the garden was cleared and filled with bark chippings.

A hibernaculum was created by the pond for amphibians and reptiles to use throughout the winter to protect themselves from the cold.   Logpiles were also made.

An old shed was converted into a bird hide.

Summer 2007


The developing garden  – 2008-2009