Community Spruce days – what we achieved in March

Thank you to everybody who helped at our March Community Spruce days.  Here’s what we achieved:

  •  site plant nursery area cleared and flower seeds planted
  • the communal polytunnel has a new cover
  • broken metal shed taken down
  • trees and new hedging planted
  • wildlife garden paths lined with logs
  • brambles cut back in the wildlife garden
  • potholes filled
  • litter picked
  • plants by clubhouse pruned
  • grass cut around the site and in the secret garden
  • new plots marked out
  • Woodland walk was created
  • waste wood burnt and prunings shredded

We will be holding more community spruce days in April.

Wildlife spotted on site

White Egret in the river

Our members record some of the wildlife spotted on site on a board by the Clubhouse.

This is what has been seen:

  • Fleck Fieldfares
  • Goshawk (male)
  • Pair of Egrets (see video here)
  • Group long tailed tits
  • Pheasant
  • Slow worms
  • Newts
  • Comma butterfly
  • Peacock butterfly
  • Foxes


Here are some photos of wildlife sent by members.

Comma butterfly

Slow worms



Frog spawn survey

We have seen frog spawn in the wildlife garden pond!  We know we have newts but it’s been a while since we’ve seen any frog spawn.   Hopefully there will soon be little tadpoles swimming around.

Frog spawn survey

The sighting has been uploaded onto the annual PondNet Spawn Survey 2021.

The Freshwater Habitats Trust are asking for help collecting data on the whereabouts of frog and toad spawn across the country by taking part in their PondNet Spawn Survey 2021.

If you seen any frog spawn in your pond then please upload the sighting.  Your survey findings will be fed into their WaterNet database that is freely available for Government bodies, NGOs and local people to download to feed into local wildlife plans and other surveys.