Community Spruce – Spring Clean

On Sunday 14 March our members cleaned, tidied and decorated the communal facilities as part of our Community Spruce programme.

The external walls of the toilets were painted (the doors still need to be finished).

The internal walls and ceilings the both toilets were scraped, primed and painted (the floors still need to be painted).

The Clubhouse kitchen cupboards were emptied and the contents sorted.   A professional cleaning company will be along shortly to give the Clubhouse a deep clean ready for upcoming events including our AGM and Open Day.

The communal poly tunnel and greenhouse were cleared and tidied.  Unfortunately a lot of potted plants had to be disposed of because they were infested with vine weevil.

A skip was available for site and members’ use as some plotholders had inherited a lot of rubbish and rubble when taking on their plots.

There was also a litter pick of the site and surroundings.

Thank you to everybody who helped out on the day and to those who have been helping with the site improvements at other times.

Clubhouse open

With the festive season over and the new growing season starting, we will  aim to have the Clubhouse open on Saturday and Sunday morning/early afternoon (subject to committee members’ availability).  Please pop in for a cup of tea and a chat.

Pooh Corner is famous!

Pooh Corner – the story of a toilet block

One of the things that makes Dorset Road Allotments special is Pooh Corner. For those in the know, that’s the name of our toilet block.  We were one of the first allotment sites to have a proper flushing toilet and we certainly appreciate it! And it looks like we are not the only one.  Our Secretary Donna came across this fascinating blog which features Pooh Corner (scroll down to the ‘not pubs’ section).


toilet block

We’ve been lucky enough to have our ‘proper toilet’ since the 1990s. Some of you may remember the newsletter article I wrote back in 2011.  I had been talking to Phil (who I’m sure many of you will remember) about what the allotment site used to be like and we got talking about toilets.  I was curious to know what people did before ‘Pooh Corner’ was built, so Phil told me about the little-used chemical toilet, the difficulties getting permission from the council for ‘proper’ toilets and the hard work digging the drainage and plumbing them in. But the real gem was the original diagrams he still had in his note book.

Diagram for pooh corner

Diagram for pooh corner

Phil (pictured below with his mobility buggy) played a major part in Dorset Road Allotments over the years, including holding elected roles on the committee.  We have him (and the other committee members) to thank for our wonderful facilities including the clubhouse and the toilets. Unfortunately Phil is no longer with us, but his legacy lives on. Thank you Phil!