About Us

We are an award-winning allotment and leisure garden society in the London Borough of Bromley.  Our site is well hidden behind houses and trees and at 7.5 acres it is one of the largest in the Borough.

Including our half-acre wildlife garden and pond the site is host to a wide range of wildlife inhabitants including over 20 species of birds and several species of reptiles and amphibians such as slow worms and newts.

Our members are a diverse bunch from a wide range of backgrounds, nationalities and age groups. All members share a passion for growing fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers. Some also keep hens to produce eggs and we are lucky enough to have an apiary on site with over 15 hives to produce our own honey.


We aim to be as sustainable as possible and encourage members to promote biodiversity on site, to reuse or repurpose materials, recycle rainwater and compost wherever possible.  We have received awards for our achievements in recycling and enhancing the environment around us.


We also hold regular events for members and the local community, such as our Open Day, Bonfire Night, Community Spruce volunteering days and fundraising events for local charities.

A co-operative

The site is run by it’s members who formed a co-operative Dorset Road Allotments and Leisure Gardens Limited (Registered Society 4733).  An elected Management Committee have responsibility for running the site on behalf of members.