Apiary and Beekeeping


Dorset Road Allotments has two apiaries with over a dozen hives, both of which are registered with Defra.

Sharon and Paul look after our bees and both are members of Bromley Beekeepers Association.

We have beekeeping demonstrations at our Open days for visitors.


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  1. Hello, I live in Elmers End and I am keen to learn more about bee keeping. Could you please advise if you will be running any courses in 2017. Many Thanks Katrina

    1. Hello Katrina

      We used to hold bee keeping courses at the allotment but they are now at Kent House Leisure Allotments. If you get in touch with Bromley Bee Keepers they will be able to let you know of local courses.

      Please feel free to pop into Dorset Road and have a look at our apiary, I am sure there will be a bee keeper or two to show you around.

      Kind regards
      Donna Sallows (Secretary)

  2. Hallo Simon:

    Get involved with Bromley Beekeepers. Come to the next meeting – there’s a lecture on “Bees around the World” on evening of 17th Feb. Course starting in April, but opportunities to talk bees and maybe even look at some, weather willing. will arise before that.
    Give me a ring on 0207-733-9568 if it helps.

  3. Hello, I live in Crystal Palace and I am keen to learn more about bee keeping. Will you be running any courses in 2015?
    Also do you ever need sites to put hives?
    Kind regards

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