Brilliant Bonfire Night

We had a great turnout for our annual bonfire night party on Saturday 4th November.

Our members, family and friends joined us for a wonderful evening.   There wre craft activities for children – including the lanterns  they made to help light the way to the amazing firework display.

People holding lanterns watching a firework display

We had a fabulous bonfire and were able to cook Polish sausages on the embers.


There was also sausages (from Murray’s butchers in Penge), pumpkin soup, baked potatoes and loads of home made cakes to eat in our Clubhouse.

The Committee would like to thank everybody who donated fireworks, baked cakes and helped to set up and run the event.


Dead Hedge

We have a new wildlife habitat on site that will help to reduce the amount of waste that we burn and support biodiversity.

We have created a ‘dead hedge’ along the riverbank opposite the Clubhouse.   This will replace the aging wooden fence with a new habitat.

Insects and invertebrates love rotting wood and the dead hedge will be a perfect home for them.

Insects and invertebrates are a vital part of a healthy garden. They help pollinate flowers and crops, They eat pests and are food for larger animals (such as small mammals hedgehogs and birds), They also help to recycle nutrients and improving the soil.

The fence was created by our members on Community Spruce days using stakes pollarded from a tree in the wildlife garden, together with recycled fencing wire.

Members are asked to put their woody waste on the dead hedge rather than taking it to the bonfire area.

First Community Spruce of the year: Sunday 13 March 2022 

Each month during the growing season we hold Community Spruce days to undertake site tasks ranging from planting vegetable plants for sale through to trimming hedges, repairing fences and planting wildflowers.

Our first one for 2022 will be held between 11am-1pm on Sunday 13 March.  There will be a range of tasks including seed sowing.

Our allotment site is a co-operative and each member is equally responsible for helping to maintain the site.

We also welcome members of the local community to our Community Spruce days.  They have helped with a range of tasks from planting trees and hedges to litter picking.

Refreshments will be provided.