Dead Hedge

We have a new wildlife habitat on site that will help to reduce the amount of waste that we burn and support biodiversity.

We have created a ‘dead hedge’ along the riverbank opposite the Clubhouse.   This will replace the aging wooden fence with a new habitat.

Insects and invertebrates love rotting wood and the dead hedge will be a perfect home for them.

Insects and invertebrates are a vital part of a healthy garden. They help pollinate flowers and crops, They eat pests and are food for larger animals (such as small mammals hedgehogs and birds), They also help to recycle nutrients and improving the soil.

The fence was created by our members on Community Spruce days using stakes pollarded from a tree in the wildlife garden, together with recycled fencing wire.

Members are asked to put their woody waste on the dead hedge rather than taking it to the bonfire area.

Our Open Day returns – Sunday 22 May 2022

We will be opening our gates on Sunday 22 May between 11-3pm for our Open Day.  You will be able to tour the allotments, visit the Wildlife Garden or sit in the Secret Garden.  There will also be stalls, children’s activities,  honey bee demonstration, pond dipping, as well as tea, cakes and a BBQ.

There will also be our ever popular Plant sale so you can grow your own at home.

We look forward to welcoming you back to our allotments.

Frog spawn survey

We have seen frog spawn in the wildlife garden pond!  We know we have newts but it’s been a while since we’ve seen any frog spawn.   Hopefully there will soon be little tadpoles swimming around.

Frog spawn survey

The sighting has been uploaded onto the annual PondNet Spawn Survey 2021.

The Freshwater Habitats Trust are asking for help collecting data on the whereabouts of frog and toad spawn across the country by taking part in their PondNet Spawn Survey 2021.

If you seen any frog spawn in your pond then please upload the sighting.  Your survey findings will be fed into their WaterNet database that is freely available for Government bodies, NGOs and local people to download to feed into local wildlife plans and other surveys.