The Shop is open for business

Since November we’ve had a number of requests to reopen the shop on a regular basis – and a number of volunteers to take turns behind the counter.

After speaking to members to find out what they’d like to buy from the shop we have placed an order for seeds and gardening gear and our Chair Linda reopened the shop on Sunday 17th February.

Planned shop hours are 10-12 on a Saturday and 12 – 2 on a Sunday.  If you need anything outside that time just ask a committee member and they will see if they can help.

There is a wide range of items available for sale, including:

  • ground cover fabric and pegs
  • fleece
  • netting
  • labels
  • string/ties
  • slug pellets (organic and safe for wildlife)
  • gardening gloves
  • bamboo canes
  • seed trays
  • watering cans

We’re also ordering seeds including:

  • beetroot
  • corn
  • pumpkin and squash
  • cucumber
  • sweetcorn
  • spinach
  • carrots
  • swede
  • courgettes
  • tomatoes
  • onion sets
  • garlic
  • potatoes
  • cabbage, sprouts,
  • strawberry plants

There will also be plants for sale later in the season.

We still have a few gaps in the shop rota – if you can spare some time on either a Saturday or Sunday once every 6 weeks please get in touch.